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Looking for something ExtraOrdinary

Muna, 18, London, Single.

I love to go to random places, Tumblr & Twitter, Popcorn ,Photography, Boys, Clothes, Camden, Pretty Little Liars, Misfits,Vampire Diaries, Jersey Shore ,Movies, Mario, TV, JessieJ, Minaj, Rihanna, Rita Ora, 1D, JB, Katy Perry, Ian Somerhalder & I FOLLOW BACK
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All things truly wicked start from innocence
#London #weather at its finest
#prettyInPink ;bright colours season is back
Got some exciting news, I am giving away FREE #makeovers….My centre is in #Holborn, so holla!!!
For the people who have been asking me on what I use for my teeth!  #glister is my secret.  Multi action toothpaste… Contact me (fb, kik, or dm) if you want to order it.
"Yet, in spite of all her kind words,  I still wasn’t sure I could trust her.  She was my second wife,  after all,  and words are cheap". #WolfofWallStreet 
I never despised and empathised With a character, but Jordan is Suttin else!!!!!
Tired of seeing posts about being lonely on #V-Day. So To all the #singleladies don’t sell yourselfs short or dwell on the fact that you ain’t in a relationship on a holiday designed to make people spend. Instead celebrate yourself & take some me-time,  don’t let your happiness depend or dictated by another human being!!!
Evolution of middle|parting
"Sometimes you need 10 secs of insane bravery"-  :P:P;P
If opportunity doesn’t knock,  build a door. #nevergiveup
Damsel in distress
LooL #tbt
#RP Letters to my sisters
This is sooooo Me… I spend most my time looking at all the Perfect girls from around the world jus in awe. Anyways y ‘all should check out @igxangels @igbeautiess_ @badcurlsclub2 @curlybeauties
THEME: 0rgasmic wh0res